android 4.4 kitkat wallpaper location

so i need to find wallpaper location for my new nexus 7 2013(4.4 upgraded). not just the current wallpaper, i want to find all of them.

after a bit of messing around with my tablet, i found the hideout of those wallpapers is still in launcher2.apk, i don’t know when google has moved it, but now launcher2.apk is inside /system/priv-app/, not in /system/app/, after catching launcher2.apk, the remaining task is easy: just extract it and look into res/, interestingly those wallpapers is inside a folder called drawable-sw600dp-nodpi, i would expect something like drawable-hdpi(hight dpi), or drawable-xhdpi(extra high dpi), but not -nodpi(no dpi??)

so there you go, if you want to find stock wallpapers for nexus 7 2013(kitkat upgraded), look for /system/priv-app/Launcher2.apk, extract it, then go to res/drawable-sw600dp-nodpi/, all yours.


2 thoughts on “android 4.4 kitkat wallpaper location

  1. Joe

    My question is: Do you copy Launcher2.apk to somewhere else before the extraction? And more importantly, how to extract Launcher2.apk? When I press the file, it simply installed it, and I failed to see a directory res. Your help and clarification are highly appreciated.


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