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我把硬盘摔坏了 天哪


第二次因为partition shrinking出错我一昏头进入 i don’t know what i’m doing 状态把全盘格了(320G),那时是大一到大二的样子

第三次因为少打一个字 dd if=/boot/grub/stage1.5 of=/dev/sda 一摁 enter 全盘被格(320G),是我做的一个数据库的工程,别的用 testdisk 找回来了,可这个工程的区就是回不来

这次就直接是机械性的摔坏了(1T),毁灭性的啊!里面有很多video,主要以前chigago bulls的比赛录像好多都在这

RIP my data and memory





i got no pillar of emotion.

i could use some drugs but they will run out surely

especially when you can’t handle how much to consume at a time

you always want to see the end

so hungry hum?

although self contain is a option but that’s too cruel and didn’t seem to work too well.

with love, i could be anything.