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oh my, android 4.3 has added opengl es 3.0

i must admit i’m really slow on this. i have waited long for opengl es 3.0 on android, and long forgotten about this matter, but when android 4.3 released in 24 July 2013, it has officially added opengl es 3.0. so basically what this means is every phone or tablet with version higher than 4.3 should have opengl es 3.0 driver support.

i’m outdated T_T


OpenCL 2.0 specs available to the public

well, on July 13 2013, khronos published a provisional OpenCL 2.0 specs, and on Nov 18 2013, phoronix said khronos has finalized this spec, eventually on Dec 12 2013, those non-provisional OpenCL 2.0 specs is available on khronos’s official OpenCL website for download, i waited so long for this!

One interesting thing is currently the latest OpenCL 1.2 and 2.0 specs has the same release day: Nov 14.